Certificate Program in Equine Rehabilitation

The University of Tennessee - Knoxville is pleased to present the Certificate Program in Equine Rehabilitation. We have worked diligently to construct a program that meets the needs of the veterinarian, veterinary technician, physical therapist and physical therapist. The curriculum is designed to meet the high standards of a University of Tennessee certificate program. The University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine is overseeing the curriculum.

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Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner:

Equine Rehabilitation Certificate Course:
EQUINE I - Part 2 Online

Equine LabEquine Rehabilitation Certificate Course:
Hands-On Lab

Equine LabEquine Rehabilitation Certificate Course:
Case Reports and Additional Resources

Equine Rehabilitation Certificate Course:
Online Resources

Equine ICertified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner:
Final Examination